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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday card

I made this card by cutting out the design printed on a Foof-a-la scrapbook paper. This paper is so pretty, I had to go back and buy more to add to my stockpile of paper!

Happy Birthday and cake clipart were printed from the computer.  Background card stock is Bazzil Basics Loganberry Pie.  Ribbon is by American Crafts, gemstones by Studio18 and Tree of Life finding by Fresh.

This is a very large card, 7"x7".


Birthday Card using 'Tons of Love' image by Nina J May

This didn't get submitted for the challenge because I didn't follow the instructions to use buttons or red ribbon according to the weekly contest rules.  I used Glimmer Mist for the first time - OH NO, I could become addicted!  It came out really cute. Although, the Glimmer Mist did not show up on the scanned image.  The oval insert was sprayed with Glimmer Mist before attaching it behind the oval cutout. The juvenile themed paper is from a Miss Elizabeth's scrapbook set; the oval was pre-cut.

I printed the original inside verse on the computer.  Punched a small hole in each corner of the insert, threaded through with embroidery floss and used pop dots to attach to the card.  Punched small holes in each corner of the background cardstock, threaded the DMC embroidery floss through each hole, used a small piece of tape on the back side to hold in place and inserted small white round brads by the PaperStudio in each corner.  Then attached the whole thing to the inside of the card using Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner permanent adhesive.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Card

I came across a layout late last week on Claudia Rosa's blog. It looked like it would be fun to work with. This is the card I made.  Although, I wasn't able to complete it in time to enter the Friday Sketcher's challenge it is one more card that is marked off my to do list!

I hope you enjoyed my card.  Please leave me a comment! Thank you.

These are the supplies used:
  • Claudia Rosa layout week #84, printed on standard printer paper
  • 2 pieces of red cardstock, one lighter 4"x5" and one darker 5.5"x8" - DCWV Multi Stack Reds
  • White cardstock 5.5" x 4"
  • Scrap paper to coordinate 4"x5"
  • Chipboard - thePaperStudio
  • Heart die - Sizzix Originals Die Frame, Heart 655459
  • Bone folder - Martha Stewart
  • Alphabet rubons - JoAnn CraftEssentials Alphabet Rubons
  • Heart themed stamps - Heidi Grace Valentine's Day clear stamps set
  • Ribbon - American Crafts Premium
  • Small heart brad - SpareParts
  • Magnetic discs - BasicGrey
  • White opaque pen - Inkssentials
  • Embossing heat tool - thePaperStudio
  • Red ink pad - Stampabilities Pigment Ink
  • White ink pad - Stampabilities Pigment Ink
  • Sparkle embossing powder - a la Mode
  • Embossing buddy - Static Puff Pillow
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hole punch - Crop-a-dile Big Bite
  • Ruler
  • Tracing paper - Singer (this pack is from the 60s or 70s!)
  • LOVE rubons - ColorBox
  • Glue/Adhesive - Elmer's Memory Glue Pen, Dot N Go Glue Dots, Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner Perm
  • Emory board or very fine sand paper
  • Pencil
  • White erasure
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Computer
  • Printer

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This card was made using several different graphics and my design for the card layout.  

Credit goes to the following people: 
  1. Nina J May for the Miss Kitty© digital image. She's amazing!  Please visit her and leave a comment on her blog at http://theresmagicintheair.blogspot.com/. She recently opened an online store to sell her wonder graphics. Stop by and see what she has to offer; you won't be disappointed! 
  2. The Graphics Fairy, an Angel Company, for the free vintage Ribbon Banner graphic (draped across Miss Kitty's arms). The Graphics Fairy has many vintage and unique graphics. Please stop by for a visit at http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/.
  3. To my sister, Karen Phillips, for the rainbow image she drew specifically for this card. She doesn't have a website but if you happen to know her, she is a wonderful person with great talent.

These are the supplies used:
5½"x4" pre-folded card (Michael's)
Miss Kitty© digital image (Nina J. May)
Free Vintage Graphic Ribbon Banner (The Graphics Fairy)
Rainbow digital image (Karen Phillips)
GelWriters (Costco)
Colored pencils (DollarTree)
White erasure (Dollar Tree)
Stampendous Fun Flock Cotton Ball White (Archiver's)
Quickie Glue Pen (Archiver's)
Elmer's Memory Book Glue Pen (Hobby Lobby)
Paper Studio Self-adhesive Gemstones (Hobby Lobby)
Stampabilities 'Happy Birthday' stamp (JoAnn's)
Stampabilities Pigment Ink Pad - Black (Hobby Lobby)
Scraps of paper for the rainbow
Lightbox - optional
Microsoft PowerPoint

Step-by-step instructions for making the card:
  1. Insert Miss Kitty© image into a blank Microsoft PowerPoint slide
  2. Set View/Zoom at 100% (I hold my card up to the screen to eyeball the size)
  3. Insert the Ribbon Banner graphic - I inserted 3 text boxes and rotated each one until they were positioned on the banner (refer to image "Happy", "Birthday", "Maddi" on the Ribbon Banner)
  4. Once the text boxes are positioned, Group the text boxes and Ribbon Banner into a single object
  5. Position onto Miss Kitty's hands
  6. Group all the images on the screen (it is much easier to move a grouped objected around on the screen for positioning)
  7. Insert Rainbow image
  8. Use WordArt (within PowerPoint) to put words into clouds at end of rainbow (refer to image "I'm", "7"). I used Calibri font, 36pt.
  9. Group WordArt with Rainbow image
  10. Then group both major image groups if desired (in the aforementioned groupings, I design my groupings this way because if I decide a text box needs a bit of adjustment, I only need to ungroup that small amount of objects with the small group rather than ungroup the whole project and take the chance that I'll accidentally move something else - it saves time in the long run)
  11. Make sure the image is to the right hand side of the screen, if printing on a top fold card make sure the image is near the bottom of the screen
  12. Print out on plain paper
  13. Put the paper with the printed image on top of the light box (or hold up to light)
  14. Align card over image to position where it will print on the card
  15. Use tiny pieces of tape to adhere the card to the paper; these are mainly needed at the end of the card that will go through the printer first and where the card folds.
  16. Put the paper with the attached card into the printer
  17. Print
  18. Use colored pencils to color Miss Kitty© I used pink for her socks and shirt, brown for arms, legs, head
  19. Use white eraser to go lightly over the colored areas - this softens the look and almost looks like copic markers were used
  20. Use GelWriters to color top of socks, skirt, heart and hair bow
  21. Accent Ribbon Banner with black glitter GelWriter to define the depth
  22. Outline "I'm" and "7" with pink glitter GelWriter
  23. Add 2 small self-adhesive gemstones for the bottom of the exclamation marks
  24. Use the rainbow image that was printed on plain paper as a pattern for cutting out strips of color
  25. Use glue to adhere to the image on the card
  26. Put glue inside the clouds, making sure to go around the text and not over it - I used the Quickie Glue pen for this and did one cloud at a time
  27. Pour Fun Flock over the glue, shake off excess
  28. Stamp 'Happy Birthday!' at top of card
  29. DONE

To finish off the project ...

I always do something fun on the back of my cards. After all that is space that most people don't use; a blank canvas going to waste!  It's fun to do something with that space.  It provides a fun little surprise for people who look at the back of their cards; most people don't!

On this card, with the Miss Kitty© theme going on, what better than a mouse?? I used a rubber stamp from Commotion Rubber Stamps and embellished it with colored pencils.

This project was submitted to ...
There's Magic in the Air - Magical Monday Stripe challenge
This weeks challenge ...
She (one of the designers, Danielle Lord) wants you to use this week's image "Miss Kitty" and use stripes somewhere on your project other then your image.
My answer to the challenge ...
Did you notice my rainbow?  Stripes of color! 

... and to The Graphics Lady because she likes to see how her images have been used! 

I hope you enjoyed my card.  Please leave me a comment!  Thank you. 

My Rainbow Colors!

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What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Card using Pen Flourishes Deer.04 image

This is a card I made using one of the free graphics from The Graphics Fairy at http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/

These are the steps I followed to complete the card:

  1. Setup the image PenFlourishesDeer.04.jpg in MS PowerPoint (the gridlines and zoom at 100% make it easy to size images to fit the card to be used)
  2. Thank You was typed in using Saffron Too 36pt font.
  3. Print the PowerPresentation to blank paper, making sure to position the image near the bottom of the page in PowerPoint. The front of the card will be at the bottom when the card is opened flat out for printing.
  4. Align the card over the plain paper printout and use a few bits of tape at the very top edge of the cardstock to hold in place
  5. Load into the printer and print
  6. The image is printed on the lower half of the card
  7. Print the image a 2nd time onto another piece of cardstock that matches the card.
  8. Cut a circle from the 2nd printed image using the Marvy 3" circle punch
  9. Watercolor the cutout image using Koi waterbrush small and Reeves watercolor paints
  10. Once this dries, press the image flat inside of a heavy book for a few days - even using the Koi brush sometimes the paper tends to curl a bit and for this project the cut out image needs to be as flat as possible
  11. Glue the circle image onto the card, carefully match the lines of the flourishes - used Elmer's Memory Book Glue Pen to do this rather than an E-Z-Runner type of adhesive, it is easier to make adjustments to the placement of the image using a 'wet' glue because it can slid around
As always with my craft projects, a micro-fibre cloth is close at hand to dab up excess glue and to press the image firmly into place

That's really all there was to creating this cute card!