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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Card

I came across a layout late last week on Claudia Rosa's blog. It looked like it would be fun to work with. This is the card I made.  Although, I wasn't able to complete it in time to enter the Friday Sketcher's challenge it is one more card that is marked off my to do list!

I hope you enjoyed my card.  Please leave me a comment! Thank you.

These are the supplies used:
  • Claudia Rosa layout week #84, printed on standard printer paper
  • 2 pieces of red cardstock, one lighter 4"x5" and one darker 5.5"x8" - DCWV Multi Stack Reds
  • White cardstock 5.5" x 4"
  • Scrap paper to coordinate 4"x5"
  • Chipboard - thePaperStudio
  • Heart die - Sizzix Originals Die Frame, Heart 655459
  • Bone folder - Martha Stewart
  • Alphabet rubons - JoAnn CraftEssentials Alphabet Rubons
  • Heart themed stamps - Heidi Grace Valentine's Day clear stamps set
  • Ribbon - American Crafts Premium
  • Small heart brad - SpareParts
  • Magnetic discs - BasicGrey
  • White opaque pen - Inkssentials
  • Embossing heat tool - thePaperStudio
  • Red ink pad - Stampabilities Pigment Ink
  • White ink pad - Stampabilities Pigment Ink
  • Sparkle embossing powder - a la Mode
  • Embossing buddy - Static Puff Pillow
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hole punch - Crop-a-dile Big Bite
  • Ruler
  • Tracing paper - Singer (this pack is from the 60s or 70s!)
  • LOVE rubons - ColorBox
  • Glue/Adhesive - Elmer's Memory Glue Pen, Dot N Go Glue Dots, Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner Perm
  • Emory board or very fine sand paper
  • Pencil
  • White erasure
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Computer
  • Printer

Step-by-step instructions for making the card:
  1. Red 5.5"x8" cardstock, fold each side in toward the center by 2" using a bone folder to make a clean fold
  2. Unfold the card, lay out flat and face down
  3. Use tracing paper to trace the medium shaded sections of Claudia Rosa's image (the peaks and below the center band) onto the left hand side of the cardstock making sure to trace into and through the oval shape - pretend it is not there for this step - using a ruler to keep the correct angle going down from the top and up from the bottom
  4. Repeat for the right hand side of the card
  5. Cut along the traced lines and along the folded lines, where appropriate, with scissors
  6. Hearts are die cut with Sizzix original machine and Originals Die Frame, Heart 655459
  7. Cut die cuts from red 4"x5" cardstock, scrap 4"x5" cardstock and from chipboard
  8. If needed, use an Emory board or sand paper to smooth the edges of the chipboard
  9. Using the 2 inner heart cutouts - there are 3 different hearts that are cut at one time with this die - glue the die cuts to the appropriate matching chipboard die cuts
  10. Wipe the solid red heart with the embossing buddy (Static Puff Pillow) ~~ it is important to do this, otherwise flakes of embossing powder will cling to areas where it is not wanted, once it is heated it is permanent!
  11. Stamp the center red heart with a swirly heart stamp from Heidi Grace's Valentine's Day set, using VersaMark watermark ink
  12. Cover the stamped area with a la mode sparkle embossing powder - it is best to be using a tidy tray at this point
  13. Shake off excess embossing powder
  14. Set embossing powder with heat gun
  15. Place the solid red heart behind the open heart, leaving the bottom portion on top
  16. Use hot glue or glue dots to attach the 2 hearts together
  17. Open card out flat, back side up
  18. Stamp back using flourish from same Heidi Grace set and flower stamp (that is not part of the Heidi Grace set)
  19. Stamp bottom with small heart from Heidi Grace set, personalize with white pen
  20. Measure ribbon leaving a little extra to accommodate the card closing
  21. Punch a hole through the back of the card and the ribbon
  22. Attach ribbon to the card with a small heart brad
  23. Fold the card and wrap the ribbon around to the front, keeping it even
  24. Use hot glue or glue dots to attach the ribbon to the center left and right edges of the card - this leaves enough slack in the ribbon for when the card is opened and closed
  25. Attach a BasicGrey magnetic disc to the center edge on the left hand side, over the edge of the ribbon that was glued into place - the magnetic discs have adhesive but it is not strong enough, use a glue dot or hot glue so it stays put
  26. Put just a dab of liquid glue on the top side of the magnet just attached, close the card - this will leave a dab of glue on the opposite side to indicate where the other half of the magnet should be attached
  27. Attach 2nd half of magnet in the same way, hot glue or glue dot
  28. Leave the card open, let the glue set completely - the magnets are strong and if the card is closed before the glue is dry the magnet will be pulled away from where it was attached
  29. Take the 5.5"x4" white cardstock and centering at the bottom, rub on the letters 'LOVE' from ColorBox Rubons
  30. Add flower rubon (same package) over 'V' (I did this because there was a little tear in my 'V'!)
  31. 'Happy Valentines' is written using JoAnn CraftEssentials Alphabet Rubons Bright
  32. Stamp row of hearts from same Heidi Grace set, making sure it is positioned low enough that it won't show above the front cutout section of the card when the card is closed
  33. Adhere the white cardstock to the inside of the card
  34. An invitation size envelope from Staples, by the box, accomodates the card perfectly!
  35. Use the micro-fiber cloth to wipe up the stray embossing powder and anything else that gets on the work pad.
I hope you enjoyed my card. Please leave me a comment! Thank you.

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  1. I like your card. I'm amazed at all the things you listed. I don't 'do' this, I'm a crafter but never did the cards.
    I greatly admire them-I can do only the type you see from Printshop ,etc.
    Keep up the good work. Oh, I'm in Evans. It IS a small world.