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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just for the fun of it ...

This is a tiny little card I made today. It is 1.5"x1.25". Really! There were some little tiny scraps on my work mat leftover from border punches and Cricut cutouts. As I was staring at them, they kind of started looking like little images so I thought why not put those tiny little scraps into a tiny little card. Well, really I do have alot of other stuff I should be doing around the house but then again this sounded more fun than vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms!  So here is my newest creation.  The tiniest little card I've ever made.

GelWriters were used to color in the tiny 'stars', 'moon', 'flowers' and 'rocks'. A pigment ink pad in brown was used to color the 'old wood' in the center of the card. The 'bird with a very fancy tail' and the 'large flower' were already those colors. There is a cutout on the 'bird' that looked like a 'wing' so I glued a tiny scrap on the back of the 'bird'. I also used a tiny bit of a small foam adhesive square to give dimension to the 'stem of flowers'. 
'Thinking of You' was written with a Micron .005 black pen, plus the inside words and the writing on the tiny hole punch scrap on the back of the card. Glimmer Mist in Moonlight was used around the edges of the card. "How did you do that?", you might ask.  I have a cheap kid's placemat I bought at Dollar Tree that is very slick on the back and has Tweety Bird on the front (that is important!). Glimmer Mist, StazOn and other permanent things clean off of it (the back slippery side, that is) very easily with a Clorox wipe.  I sprayed a bit of Glimmer Mist onto the placement and, as always is the case with Glimmer Mist, it is not an even mist but big droplets mixed with mist. I turned card around in one of the big droplets to get the edges colored. I did file the edges to give the ink something to adhere to before rolling it around in the droplet. A bit of very fine mist went onto the face of the card, also, which is exactly what I wanted to happen! OH, and the cardstock used for the card ... that was a tag that came in a package of brads - Spare Parts by The Paper Studio. I simply cut beneath that part and used the solid color portion of the tag as my base for the card. Lined it up evenly on the mat, scored it down the middle and folded it to make my tiny pre-folded card. Then used a corner punch to round the edges (the card was already rounded on one side but didn't quite match the size of my punch so I redid them all to match!) 
To sum it all up, I've recycled, spent time having fun today and will have a sweet tiny card for my hubby when he comes home!

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  1. I've just found your blog. I must say, I've enjoyed every moment of it!

    To think you made even the little scraps ( the way I would IF I could)into tiny cards...it's great!