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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Card using Pen Flourishes Deer.04 image

This is a card I made using one of the free graphics from The Graphics Fairy at http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/

These are the steps I followed to complete the card:

  1. Setup the image PenFlourishesDeer.04.jpg in MS PowerPoint (the gridlines and zoom at 100% make it easy to size images to fit the card to be used)
  2. Thank You was typed in using Saffron Too 36pt font.
  3. Print the PowerPresentation to blank paper, making sure to position the image near the bottom of the page in PowerPoint. The front of the card will be at the bottom when the card is opened flat out for printing.
  4. Align the card over the plain paper printout and use a few bits of tape at the very top edge of the cardstock to hold in place
  5. Load into the printer and print
  6. The image is printed on the lower half of the card
  7. Print the image a 2nd time onto another piece of cardstock that matches the card.
  8. Cut a circle from the 2nd printed image using the Marvy 3" circle punch
  9. Watercolor the cutout image using Koi waterbrush small and Reeves watercolor paints
  10. Once this dries, press the image flat inside of a heavy book for a few days - even using the Koi brush sometimes the paper tends to curl a bit and for this project the cut out image needs to be as flat as possible
  11. Glue the circle image onto the card, carefully match the lines of the flourishes - used Elmer's Memory Book Glue Pen to do this rather than an E-Z-Runner type of adhesive, it is easier to make adjustments to the placement of the image using a 'wet' glue because it can slid around
As always with my craft projects, a micro-fibre cloth is close at hand to dab up excess glue and to press the image firmly into place

That's really all there was to creating this cute card!